Truck crane and Semi truck crane

We perform all kinds of transports and lifts with truck cranes from 45 t/m to 92 t/m.

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We offer the following services:

  • boat transport
  • house transport
  • broad transport
  • long haul
  • special transport
  • assembly of construction
  • assembly of houses
  • installation of balconies
  • dismantling barracks
  • transporting rigs and barracks
  • transporting machines
  • assembly job with baskets
  • cutting wood
  • glass assembly with vacuum sucks (glass sucks).

Lastebilkran klar for jobb

Truck crane and truck usage

Eg: A truck with three axles can have an actual total weight of 20 tons on a BK8 way. An equal truck with 4 axles can have an actual total weight of 24 tons, due to the load being distributed on a larger area.